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Stoke Hill AFC

Stoke Hill AFC History

After 8 amazing years Stoke Hill Spurs have completed their final season of Junior football under the guidance of manager Neil Major. Team Sponsors L D BUCK ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS

stoke hill spurs 2004 - 2013

Back row left to right.
Jack Saunders, Liam Staddon, Jordan Major, Ryan Wallis(captain), Tarji Jones, Macaulay Burge, Ethan Chalk

Front row left to right.
Tyler Cole Hall, James Chudley, Jose Gilderthorpe, Jake Tillett, Jamie Thorne,Torrin Morrell, Leyton Curtis.

League Summer Tournaments
2012/13 - u16 League R/U  
2011/12 - u15 League R/U 2011-u14s - Newton St Cyres Winners
2011/12 - u15 Cup Finalists 2010-u13s - Newton St Cyres Winners
2010/11 - u14 League R/U 2010-u13s - Crediton Winners
2009/10 - u13s Cup R/U 2010-u13s - Honiton Winners
2008/09 - u12s League Champions 2009-u12s - Honiton R/U
2007/08 - u11s Cup R/U 2008-u11s - Honiton Winners
2007/08 - u11s League R/U 2007-u10s - Crediton Winners
2006/07 - u10s unofficial league winners 2007-u10s - Beacon Knights Winners
2005/06 - u9s Plate Winners 2007-u10s - Topsham Town Winners
2004/05 - u8s Plate Winners 2006-u9s - Magelake R/U

From the start

Formed in the mid 90's Stoke Hill Juniors have grown from humble beginnings, to become one of the areas biggest and most progressive youth football clubs. Stoke Hill itself, lies to the north eastern boundaries of Exeter, its highest point overlooking and protecting the City to the south. Beacons would have been lit on these and surrounding hills to send warnings with other towns and villages in olden times. After the war a large housing estate and two schools were built and the football boom that swept the nation after England's World Cup win set in motion the forming of many youth leagues including the Juventus Youth league in the early 70's. Stoke Hills school team were always successful in the local schools cup, playing in the final at St James park on a regular basis; and the cream of those players formed the backbone of the Rennes United Youth team , which dominated Juventus football throughout the 70's.

As population increased more clubs were needed and Beacon Knights and Pinhoe also formed clubs in the east of the city to great effect. A Stoke Hill Celtic club appeared in the 80's as did a Stoke Hill Rangers club but these were both short lived as Rennes and Beacon Knights drew the better players from Stoke Hill but the when Rennes ended as a youth club and moved into mens football it was the forming of Stoke Hill Juniors in the mid 90's that the area became truly represented by name.

Donald Burwood was one of the early members of the club, taking his age group through until the Under 16s and to this day remains as Honorary President of the Club.

The forming of the Exeter Friendly League and the onset of mini soccer for 8 to 12 year olds gave a massive boom to football in the area and the demand for pitches and better organisation intensified. Stoke Hill Juniors has actively participated in all Devon FA objectives and a proud moment was reached when we became an FA Charter Standard Club .I believe we have the single best training facility in the south west on the all weather rubber crumb pitch at Exeter University, with whom we have a fantastic relationship As a club we have provided many players to Exeter City's Centre of Excellence who, again, we have built a fantastic bond Our efforts to provide kits to Ghanaian orphans are another example of the clubs outlook and a special mention should be made in recognition of our Child Protection Officer, Phil Walker who has overseen the implementation of a comprehensive Code of Conduct for both parents and players.

Stoke Hill remains a progressive club and its future lies in the effort and contributions of its most important members, the committee the parents and its players. My personal thanks go to all of you!

Stoke Hill operate teams from the under 7s to the under 16 age group.

The old kit is always put to good use with some kits being donated to local schools. Stoke Hill Juniors have also helped the development of youth football in Ghana by sending 4 youth football kits to help the formation of four youth teams in this third world country.

Ghana 1  Ghana 2

The kits were sent out with the assistance of the Seeway Trust whose aim via its orphanage in Ghana is to provide these children in Ghana with food, a home as part of a caring family, a good Education and a future.

Ghana 3  Ghana 4