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Stoke Hill AFC Child Welfare Policy

The safeguarding of children and young people is the responsibility of every adult in football. Stoke Hill Juniors has a responsibility to play its part in ensuring it provides an experience that is fun, encouraging and safe for everyone. It is therefore essential that Stoke Hill AFC has a Safeguarding Children Policy.

This policy needs to be embraced and understood by club members so that it becomes part of the club’s way of thinking and working on a daily basis. By building the essence of the policy into Stoke Hill’s management, daily and weekly running of activities, we'ill be developing a best practice approach, which will benefit everyone involved with the club.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our child welfare officer Helen Arthurs on 07834 286726 or email Helen.

A club which is child-centred is more likely to have a well run and friendly environment which attracts more members.

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Actor Ray Winstone demands RESPECT. Click here for more from the FA respect campaign

Safeguarding Children

Creating fun, safe football environments is central to safeguarding children.

Most children and young people have a fantastic experience through football – but sadly, some don't. This might be down to over-competitive parents and coaches shouting and constantly criticising them from the sidelines – the kind of behaviour that the Respect programme is designed to address. Or it might be due to some other kind of abusive behaviour towards them.

Safeguarding Children is everyone's responsibility and having welfare officers in all clubs and leagues with youth teams is crucial to The FA’s simple three part approach to safeguarding. This includes:

Social Media Policy

We ask you as players, parents and carers to be aware of the following:-

FA guidelines on social networking, websites, mobile phones and email communications

Guidance for parents/carers – responsible use of texts, email and social networking sites

As a member of the club you are responsible for and need to abide by the FA Rules and regulations regarding comments you place online about the league, club, players, managers or match officials. It is against Club and FA rules to post comments that are or maybe conceived as offensive, insulting, abusive, threatening, racist, and discriminatory or any other reference that may cause offense or harm to others.

Any such comment made on club or league websites and/or social networking sites regarding officials may result in disciplinary action being taken in line with The FA’s Disciplinary policies and procedures.

Officers of the club at Stoke Hill AFC may also wish to take action in other circumstances which don’t necessarily break FA guidelines, but are considered inappropriate or unhelpful at our club.

Useful Downloads

pdf  Safeguarding Children & Young People in Football (2.9MB) pdf  Developing a club Safeguarding Children policy (182KB) pdf  Club anti-bullying policy (278KB)